100% Welcome Bonus
Terms & Conditions Apply

  1. By opening a trading account and applying for this Promotion the client agrees that he has read and agreed to be bound by the terms and conditions of the TIQ FX Client Agreement which can be found on the website.

    2. This Promotion applies only for Clients who open an account through https://tiqfx.com

    3. To be eligible for this promotion, the customer must meet the following conditions:
  • The Client must apply for this Promotion in good faith.
  • The Client must not be a TIQ FX employee or partner.
  • The Client must never have engaged in any form of Abusive Behavior as outlined in clause.
  • The Client is not affiliated with anybody who has engaged in Abusive Behavior.
  • The Client must not engage in any abusive, improper conduct, or attempted abuse or improper conduct in connection with this Promotion.
4. Abusive Behavior includes the following:
  • The Client, acting alone or with others (including an Introducing Broker), constructing a trading position or positions with the purpose or effect of extracting the credit provided, and/or the profits generated by the 100% Deposit Bonus, without exposing himself or others to economic risk, including without limitation the loss of the 100% Deposit Bonus or the Client’s capital (or the capital of others).
  • The Client hedging his positions, including, but not limited to, by holding open position(s) on the opposite side of a trade, including, but not limited to, by using a single or correlated currencies, at specific times, either internally (using other TIQ FX trading accounts) or externally (using other trading accounts) (using other trading accounts held with other brokers).
5. If the Client meets the foregoing requirements, he or she will be entitled for a 100% bonus (the “100% Deposit Bonus”) on any deposits up to a maximum of US$10,000 per Client.

6. The Client can receive a 100% bonus on any redeposits (he does not have to lose his balance first to receive a fresh bonus), and he will be eligible for a 100% Deposit Bonus on his next deposit up to a limit of US$10,000.

7. The maximum restrictions set out in this paragraph apply per-Client, not per-account. The 100% Deposit Bonus cannot be cashed in, and Clients will not be able to withdraw the 100% Deposit Bonus from their account(s.

8. Clients who deposit US$100 (or the equivalent amount in other currencies) or more into their accounts are eligible for the 100 percent Deposit Bonus, which has a 6-month expiration period.

9. Only USD/EUR MT5 trading accounts are eligible for the bonus.

10. Bonus will not be removed on losing realized trades, but the proportion of the bonus will change.

11. Bonus will not be added on profitable realized trades.

12. Bonus will not be removed in the case of withdrawing profits but will be removed in case of withdrawing part or whole of his initial deposit/s.

13. If any of the following two circumstances occurs first, the bonus will be taken from the account:
  • Credit will be deducted from the account when (Equity/Credit) * 100 percent equals 101 percent or less to the balance in order to prevent the client from going into a negative balance.
  • When a client is stopped out at 50%. A stopped out is triggered when Equity/Margin * 100% is less than 50%.
14. If the company suspects any abusive behavior as specified in Clause 4, the company has the right to remove/cancel any earnings produced by the Bonus.

15. Please see below examples on how to withdraw requests will be processed:

Example 1: Initial Deposit: US$10,000 ** Bonus: Initial Deposit x 100% (with maximum limit at US$10,000) = US$10,000 x 100% = US$10,000 ** Starting Equity: Initial Deposit + Bonus = US$10,000 + US$10,000 = US$20,000 ** Profits = US$5,000 ** Balance = US$25,000 ** Eligible for withdraw: Balance ** Bonus = US$25,000 ** US$10,000 = US$15,000

Example 2: Initial Deposit: US$10,000 ** Bonus: Initial Deposit x 100% (with maximum limit at US$10,000) = US$10,000 x 100% = US$10,000 ** Starting Equity: Initial Deposit + Bonus = US$10,000 + US$10,000 = US$20,000 ** Profits = US$ -8,000 ** Balance = US$12,000 ** Eligible for withdraw: Balance – Bonus = US$12,000 – US$10,000 = US$2,000

16. This Promotion is independent with any other promotion previously made and cannot be combined with any other promotion.

17. The firm reserves the right to modify, alter, or terminate this Deposit Bonus Promotion at any moment and without warning.